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Gold Membership for our web store Ladies-Den

Price - $24/year

Priced at just about around $2/month you can easily recover this cost of $24 for our Gold Membership with just 1 order of $96 or more, as you will get 25% off after buying this exclusive membership. So we strongly recommend buying this Gold Membership to all our customers, as this can save you quite a lot in $$$


Benefits/Privileges -

1. Flat 25% discount on all purchases made on www.Ladies-Den.com OR www.Ladies-Den.in with "No Minimum Order Size" requirement. 25% discount with no minimum order size.

2. Exclusive access to Clearance SK suits with flat discount of 35% off now with "No Minimum Order Size" requirement. Now from 1st January 2020, Clearance SK suits @ 35% off will now be available only to members with Gold Membership. And only Gold members will be able to buy items from Clearance SK suits collection @ 35% off.

3. Top 3 Gold Member Spenders each month will get $10 store credit which they can use in the following month. They can use that $10 store credit in addition to the discount they get from Gold Membership. It can be used for any SK suit item or stitching. But not for shipping. So there is a chance/possibility to get $120 back in full year after buying this Gold Membership. You will be emailed how you can use that $10 credit if you are in Top 3.

4. If you are a Seller yourself then this will be an ideal deal for you to get items at low rates (25% or 35%) and with no minimum order size requirement. And you can pick and choose the items you want to buy instead of buying whole catalogues from wholesalers.


How will you get these discounts?

You will be emailed 2 special discount codes (1 for regular and 1 for Clearance SK suits) valid only for your account (from which you are buying this Gold Membership) to get these discounts mentioned above. You can use those 2 exclusive discount codes to avail the above-mentioned discounts.

Use them according to the items you are buying. Or you can email us with your list of items you want buy and we will email a single invoice with discount accordingly (25% or 35%).


Terms & Conditions -

1. The flat 25% discount will be on all items with no Minimum order size requirement.

2. This 25% discount will not be applicable on Shipping costs.

3. 35% discount on Clearance SK suits will be on Clearance SK suits items with no Minimum order size requirement now. This discount will now be exclusive for Gold members only from 1st January 2020.

4. Top 3 Spenders will be taken account for the amount spent after discount. Shipping costs will not be counted for that.

5. This Gold Membership is for www.Ladies-Den.com OR www.Ladies-Den.in and NOT for our eBay store Ladies-Den.

Why are we offering this?

We are offering this to have a large base of regular customers even if it means very low margins for us. We are hoping that this will result in more sales which will result in more profit for us even at such low margins. So overall it should be a Win-Win for us and for our regular customers. Our customers get products at low rates and hopefully we increase our profit overall.


Why are we Charging this $24?

There are costs to run the web store which we won't be adding in items' cost from now on. But we have to take care of those charges as well. So this will help us to take care of those charges and not worry about that. In our view all customers who buy this will benefit a lot with this Gold Membership and this $24 will not be that much in the end considering the amount of savings in whole year.


If you have any queries then email me anytime at - ladiesdenindia@gmail.com


Refund Policy - If you are not completely satisfied then we will be happy to accept returns for a refund, provided you show us a good cause within 10 days of receipt of item(s) and pay for the shipping to return the item to us. Please keep in mind most of our items are one-of-a-kind so therefore we might be not able to give you an exchange, therefore you will get a full refund of item cost in cash via Paypal only. The refund amount will be paid only after the item has reached us.

For return authorization,  Contact Us at - ladiesdenindia@gmail.com within 10 days of receipt of item(s).

If you buy Unstitched Salwar Kameez then we will not accept returns if you have got it stitched from somewhere else and not from us.

The return item must be returned/reach us within 50 days from the day payment is made to get refund in Paypal. If not then you will get an exchange only and shipping costs ($5/SK suit) for exchanged item/s will have to be paid by buyer.


Customs Duties - Customs Duties and/or other levies in destination country are responsibility of buyer. It applies to all items brought from this whether stated or not. We will not be responsible for such charges arising in destination country specially Canada.


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